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My new composition for 2024. Once again beginning as a pencil/charcoal sketch, this piece represents a cosmic view of earth and space, a peaking through the veils into new realities.

Assimilation Video

An experimental video combining elements of AI generated art with original art, digital and stop motion animation. Most of the backgrounds and some of the objects were created by online AI art tool Midjourney. After a few experiments generating various scenes I decided to incorporate them in an animation exploring the role of AI in our near future. I believe the technique has parallels in surrealist techniques of automatic art, frottage and dreamwork etc. The AI is training itself on a vast pool of images already created by humans, almost like a subconcious resevoir which we direct the ‘AI’ to

Album Art

Here is my design for Joaquin Cornejo’s EP: El Viaje. You can listen to the music on Soundcloud here: ‘El Viaje’ is the first EP by the Ecuadorian producer Joaquin Cornejo. It’s a story in form of sounds and textures that explores the relationship between the primal and the ethereal. Particularly through the influence of electronic music and ancestral Latin-American rhythms. More than a creation of sound, this project is a collaboration with it. Almost all the tracks in the EP were composed through free improvisation sessions with amazingly talented musicians from the Manchester scene in order to maintain an

Camera Projection Experiment

This is n experimental movie clip showing a technique called ‘Camera Projection’. The technique creates a seemingly 3D scene using a 2D photo. Camera Projection works by using a light in an After Effects composition to shine through an image layer, projecting the pixels in the image onto a 3D surface. You can then animate a camera around the surface and create the impression of depth and perspective, all derived from a single, flat photo.  

Ammonite Chamber

Some photos stitched together – a huge piece of rock hefted back from the beach, an old cardboard model room, a backdrop re-used from another ‘shoot’… added distressed textures and high key lighting to finish.