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The Abandoned Church

A short experimental piece based on an image I saw on Instagram, this imagines the church photographed by #road2decay with some extra ‘elements’… Abandoned Church.mp4 from shannon ribbons on Vimeo.

777 Animation

My new animation created for Coppe & The Program track ‘777’. Music by Coppe & The Program (Dij & Nico). Click the link below to watch fullscreen View on Vimeo

Camera Projection Experiment

This is n experimental movie clip showing a technique called ‘Camera Projection’. The technique creates a seemingly 3D scene using a 2D photo. Camera Projection works by using a light in an After Effects composition to shine through an image layer, projecting the pixels in the image onto a 3D surface. You can then animate a camera around the surface and create the impression of depth and perspective, all derived from a single, flat photo.