Camera Projection Experiment

This is n experimental movie clip showing a technique called ‘Camera Projection’. The technique creates a seemingly 3D scene using a 2D photo. Camera Projection works by using a light in an After Effects composition to shine through an image layer, projecting the pixels in the image onto a 3D surface. You can then animate a camera around the surface and create the impression of depth and perspective, all derived from a single, flat photo.  

Ammonite Chamber

Some photos stitched together – a huge piece of rock hefted back from the beach, an old cardboard model room, a backdrop re-used from another ‘shoot’… added distressed textures and high key lighting to finish.

Wilkswood sketch

This is a sketch made on my tablet from a photo of Wilkswood in Dorset. There’s a special feel to this place which once saw Romans quarrying clay and perhaps hefting it over this very bridge in what is now a secluded and tangled wood.

The Aquaduct

I began this before Christmas – I think it *may* have been slightly inspired by The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, but also an unusual stick that looked like a rune, and finally an Arctic Tern photographed by Wildlife Photographer Mike Dean…