Camera Projection Experiment

This is n experimental movie clip showing a technique called ‘Camera Projection’. The technique creates a seemingly 3D scene using a 2D photo. Camera Projection works by using a light in an After Effects composition to shine through an image layer, projecting the pixels in the image onto a 3D surface. You can then animate a camera around the surface and create the impression of depth and perspective, all derived from a single, flat photo.  

Ammonite Chamber

Some photos stitched together – a huge piece of rock hefted back from the beach, an old cardboard model room, a backdrop re-used from another ‘shoot’… added distressed textures and high key lighting to finish.

Wilkswood sketch

This is a sketch made on my tablet from a photo of Wilkswood in Dorset. There’s a special feel to this place which once saw Romans quarrying clay and perhaps hefting it over this very bridge in what is now a secluded and tangled wood.

The Aquaduct

I began this before Christmas – I think it *may* have been slightly inspired by The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, but also an unusual stick that looked like a rune, and finally an Arctic Tern photographed by Wildlife Photographer Mike Dean…

An old stick

We saw this in one of my favourite haunts, Norden Heath. It was obviously ready to feature as a ‘Ribbons artefact’ (naturefact?), so we posed it and snapped away with my phone camera. It is a lovely old stick full of anthropomorphic character.