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My images are created from photos, drawings and 3D objects digitally manipulated into strange scenes and surreal relationships. Some of my images find their way into animations, most are available as Archive Quality Prints.

I have published some books and designed generative software that produces an endless sequence of unique images.

I have exhibited in Dorset, London and Italy, and my art is in private collections around the world. Based on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, I’m always thinking of new areas to explore and ideas to express. Feel free to¬†get in touch if you have any questions…

“Shannon Ribbons uses elements of nature and mundane objects to invent mysterious, dark, sometimes threatening pictures of an imagined countryside. The juxtaposition of the two elements gives his art its magical, beautiful qualities. There is a feeling of innocent familiarity in his work when initially viewed – yes, trees, branches, a gate, a window, water, stone, even some chairs, but what is that there – a rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem to be born?”

“It’s as if you are lost and wander into a dense wood and alarmingly you discover things you have not seen before and cannot identify. Each picture evokes an unfinished story; something unusual could happen, or it already has. Ribbons has mastered digital art, using charcoal, paint, drawing, photography, to create a 21st century journey into the surreal unknown. The journey takes you from the artist’s subjective experience through forgotten memory into a dream of reality, another world elsewhere.”

Patricia Welles 2009